1. Will the mats be exactly the same as the genuine OEM mats?
Yes and no. All our mats are designed to fit exactly in the floor of your specific make and model. This will not necessarily mean the mats are the exact same shape as the genuine car mats but it will mean that the mats will definitely fit your vehicle, and often offer better protection than the factory mats.

2. Will the mats clip to my floor using the fittings that are already there?
Whenever possible we will use the existing fittings in the floor of the vehicle. For older models and when a compatible fitting isn’t available the mats come with their own independent fitting system.

3. What does the supplied fitting system consist of?
The fitting system consists of two carpet screws (no tools required to install) and two circular fittings pressed into the mats. The screws catch onto the mats via the fittings in the mats and hold them in place.

4. How long will delivery take?
Delivery will take around 7 working days subject to availability. At Christmas time this can extend considerably so please contact us directly after the 15th of December each year to ensure we can supply the mats before Christmas Day.

5. I am a trade customer, can I open an account?
Yes. We have many trade customers purchasing from us everyday (Parts stores, dealerships, car yards, car detailers, wreckers and mechanics). Please contact us directly and we will send you the necessary forms and set you up a trade account.

6. I wish to purchase multiple set of mats, do I get a discount?
If you are purchasing 5 or more set of mats please contact us for pricing.

7. Can you tailor make mats to my chosen colour and specification? And can I get my own logo embroidered?
In general No. The colours we offer are the only colours available and they come with the appropriate piping for the colour of carpet. We cannot do mats in coloured carpet other than those shown on the website. We will not make one off custom embroidery due the set up costs. We will however do customer embroidery for wholesale and trade customers if a minimum quantity is met.

8. Can you do a set for $99 delivered if I pay cash?
No. The prices on our website are firm. Please note that our prices are standardised for simplicity, and in some cases these prices are less than 1/3 the prices of the OEM mats.

9. How much is postage?
Postage is a flat rate for any address in New Zealand. No matter what you order and how many items you order the price is $20. Nice and simple.

10. I have a car that is not listed and would like to know if you can supply mats to suit?
Yes we can. Although we have templates for more than 1200 models we still don’t have every car on the road. If you are able to supply templates to suit your vehicle (by tracing your existing mats or creating templates from scratch) then we can make up mats to suit at no extra cost.

11. What are the payment options?
The website is setup to accept payments through Paypal, via credit card or an existing Paypal account balance. Paypal is one of the most widely used and secure payment portals on the web (it is the payment portal used by eBay) and offers both the buyer and seller protection against fraud.